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There are many amazing doctors who don’t show their value online and that affects their business.

We specialize in healthcare marketing and branding through social media videos to grow their practices.


You know people look you up on-line... what do they see today?

Polish your business & SHOW YOUR VALUE.


Healthcare Marketing Tips (Your Services On-Line)

1. Business Consulting

Your marketing & branding should be an integral part of your business development. Think about the long-term impact of the decisions you make and innovate your business model. Small changes can have a BIG impact.

2. Video Content Marketing & Social Media

Your Social Media Videos are more important now than ever before. We make it easy because we can produce and publish them for you. We have affordable plans with in person videos shoots and repurposing your existing content. SHOW YOUR VALUE and make videos part of your business development strategy.

3. Branding Strategy

Combine BRANDING with business development. A good branding strategy & organic SEO can make your marketing work for you as an investment instead of being a cost. Clarify your message and improve your image on Social Media & Google so people can SEE YOUR VALUE.


We Are On A Mission To Improve 1 Million Lives By Promoting Integrative Healthcare.

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Who is Polish Your Business?

Who is Polish Mike?


Testimonial from Dr. Patrick Porter

Polish your business is a super group to work with. I need a total revamp of my personal presence on the web. They helped to make me look professional and with their creativity they have done things I didn't think were possible. I highly recommend them for all your marketing needs.

Testimonial from Dr. Cory Aplin

Mike has gone above and beyond to help grow our business. What sets him apart is he really cares how your business is doing and how he can help create value and bring it to the next level. He's forced us to step up our youtube presence (in a good way), and continues to bring great ideas to the table.

Testimonial from Ryan Diener, L.Ac.

Mike is a marketing wizard who cares most about the people he serves and the people his clients serve. We love working with him!

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Healthcare Marketing & Social Media Branding  

"There are many amazing doctors who don't show their value on-line, and that affects their business. We specialize in healthcare marketing and branding through social media videos to grow their practices.  

Most healthcare providers already have a marketing team and experience running multiple campaigns. We love it! We team up with your staff and the the vendors you like to work with and we bring additional resources to take your business development to the next level. Your implementation of a well designed long term BRANDING STRATEGY can make all your marketing work more effectively and it can increase the value of your practice long term. We provide branding strategy consulting and healthcare marketing, including social media management support, video production, and media development. We evaluate and support your marketing strategy, your branding strategy and your business development strategy. Every dollar and every minute you invest  should give you a very good return on your investment. 

Do you have enough time to collaborate with other healthcare providers and build you brand on-line? Most doctors don't and that's why we support your healthcare collaborations as well. Imagine how you would feel if your future collaborating partners were ready to speak with you and refer to you without any need for you to research them and go through their assistants to set up  meetings... Our Doctors Networking Group - Polish Your Life® is how this can become your reality! ...and by the way - you don't have to be our Client to be part of the group. We may even sponsor one of your collaboration videos with other healthcare providers.  

Here is what our Clients  love - we do all the above in collaboration with, and as an extension of your existing team. We are not another team - WE ARE YOUR TEAM. We make your staff and your vendors feel awesome because many of the plans that have been being talked about for such a long time, sometimes half-implemented.... now can actually be implemented fully and managed by people who care about your success as much as you do. 

Healthcare Marketing & Business Consulting 

An experienced strategic partner (the one who actually cares) will take care of both marketing improvements and overall business development, but not all business owners are aware of the value and comfort they can have when working with such companies. Many business owners underestimate the value of a strategy and pay a very high price for not having one or having one that hasn't been updated to the new market trends... They typically hire marketing companies who work independently and are not being managed and supervised properly. Strategic partners can evaluate, hire, and supervise marketing companies for you and make sure that they all work in sync with your company's mission, vision, and goals.

Small strategic changes can have a BIG impact.

There is a difference between companies who just focus on marketing, and a strategic partner who will make sure that your marketing agencies are working in alignment with your business plan. If you don't have a business plan or have one that doesn't serve you as a useful business development tool, strategic partners can also help you write a business plan that will be easy to use and will serve as a "GPS" for all your marketing, sales, staff training and other business development services. Through our strategic partnership with Innovation Blaze® we also connect investors with ideas worth investing so if you think your business is worth investing in and you need additional funding, just let us know and we can make introductions to potential investors. 

There are many companies out there who seem to be the right fit and business owners get confused which one to choose. How do you know for sure which one is good? You don't. You need to trust somebody who will become your strategic partner and see how they do. We suggest you trust companies who don't ask you to sign up for long term contracts, but instead, offer value at a reasonable price and allow you to control how long you will work with them. A company that is confident in the value they deliver should be comfortable in a situation where not the long term contract is a magnet keeping you together, but the value they provide. 

We suggest you hire strategic partners who truly care about you and your Clients. 

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