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Since I remember, people have been asking me for advice and it's always been a pleasure to be able to help by giving practical and easy to apply solutions. Sometimes the best advice is to hire somebody to take care of the problem, but the hustle of hiring professional help, training and supervising them, can become a job in itself.

I've managed multiple clinics and wellness centers and I know that it can be frustrating and time consuming. I understand that healthcare business owners don't have time and always look for efficiency in problem solving. Working with inefficient people and vendors is a common problem many of us have to deal with and I wanted to help with that, because I believe in protecting business owner's time. This time is needed for executing on the mission of the company and making positive changes in our world instead of dealing with people and vendors who may not even care about the problem they were hired to solve... 

So, I decided to become the person healthcare business owners needed. The person they could trust and rely on when discussing their strategy. The person who cares about their company and the results. I started working as a consultant and over time I've come up with fast and efficient ways to improve marketing, sales, and management. Working in different industries (chiropractic, PT, weight loss, medical, construction, landscaping, music, legal,... etc.) revealed common patterns and similar problems most businesses have to deal with. We all need efficient marketing, sales & management, as well as constant business model innovation to adjust to new trends.

Making positive changes in the world by helping business owners who improve lives became my passion. That's why I started Polish Your Business  and invited purpose driven solution oriented professionals to join my team. We are a consulting company that promotes integrative healthcare because many people go from doctor to doctor, follow recommendations and still don't feel better... Integrative approach to health is the answer and there are many amazing practitioners who are here to help. The problem is that many amazing providers don't have an online brand to show the value they provide.

In my spare time I participate in marketing & management training seminars, listen to podcasts and read books on personal development and business development. I then apply the knowledge to my clients' campaigns after it's been customized to match the specific goals my company is asked to achieve.  

Building a healthcare business takes a lot of effort and it is such an important part of our lives. We all know (or at least we should know) how valuable it is to make sure we spend time with our families. So why the same hours are being spent by so many of us on growing businesses the hard way?

Let's apply accelerated methods to your business, so you can enjoy more time with your family while knowing that as your company grows you are making our world a better place

You are most likely too busy to hire, train, manage and supervise new marketing staff and I understand that. That is why when you work with Polish Your Business, there is no need for you to supervise, micro-manage, or train. You will get the updates and reports in your inbox and smile to yourself that you've made the right choice


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