Polish Your Business team consists of independent contractors servicing our campaigns as professional experts, some of which have their own teams and professional resources. This allows us to serve more clients and deliver high quality service at reasonable prices. 



Mike Turajczyk, M.A., C.P.L.C.

Healthcare Marketing Strategy, Business Consulting & Doctors Networking Group


Blazej Turajczyk, M.B.A. 

Business Development Strategy & Project Management


Weston Trussell 

Videography - Head Of Media Production  


Robert Suchorski 

Videography - Video & Music Production


Erik Yount 

Videography - Video Production  


Brian Loebig, M.B.A. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


Johns Nessim 

Website Design & Consulting


Roberta Biese 

Website Design


Monika Masaniec, M.S. 



Caroline Hutchinson

Social Media


Levene LeBlanc 

Marketing Consultant


Jason Weil 

Photography (incl. Google Certified Virtual Tours) 


Robinson S. Rowe, Esq.

Legal Support 


Ruth Mae Finch, Esq. 

Trademark Law