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Dr. Todd Johnsonbaugh

Every time I meet with Mike he gives me powerful information with immediate returns. Mike is creative and has integrity. It is evident to me that Mike loves what he does. He is constantly learning and evolving and works tirelessly to maximize the results of his clients.

Dr. Mark Rush

Mike helped my business considerably, and I always look to him for ideas and inspiration to help boost my already blossoming medical practice. Thanks Mike, great job.

Dr. Marc Mizzer

AWESOME! This guy is a Marketing Master! He helped me with a small business start-up last year. We went from zero customers to over 500 in a few short months.

Dr. Vaughan Dabbs

Our practice has been working with Mike since April 2013. He restructured and revolutionized our marketing and company image, helped manage medical integration process, and created systems and protocols for marketing and sales, patient education, and management of our clinic.

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland has a very strong on-line presence as a results of the consulting services. Mike created and applied systems and protocols to motivate our patients to review the practice on-line. We received over 200 new patient reviews across different websites and social media platforms and we now have over 100 educational videos and video testimonials from our patients. Our websites are easily found on-line and great reviews along with lead capturing systems bring high volume of new patients to our clinic. Mike’s Internet marketing efforts brought 445 new patients in 2015 just from the Internet, which is a 341% increase comparing to 2012.

Mike is a great networker and health educator. We now have over 100 professional partners. The list includes: medical doctors, therapists, gyms, personal trainers, corporations and local small businesses entities. He organized and participated in numerous events, including health expo’s, health fairs and public speaking events. We consistently receive new patients with positive feedback from his networking events, educational seminars and public presentations.

His management consulting helped us develop management tools and systems for the practice as well as contributed to incorporating two new services centers. The total number of new patients has increased by 82% since 2012 and reached 1493 in 2015.

I highly recommend Michal Turajczyk and Polish Your Business, LLC.

Miguel Mendes, C.P.T.

Mike has helped me to better understand and use my online tools to effectively reach and be accessible to my future clients. He's a marketing genius with an infectious passion! I highly recommend Mike and Polish Your Business!

Terri Butler, M.B.A., C.P.C.

I have worked with Mike for almost 3 years at Columbia Medical Sport & Spine and had the pleasure of witnessing his sales and marketing expertise. Mike has been able to increase our online presence and the practices' new patient volume by 82%. Not only is Mike a joy to work with and he is professional, knowledgeable and his technique is unique.

I highly recommend Mike and Polish Your Business for all your business marketing and consulting needs.

Dr. Stephen Wander

Mike Turajczyk has worked for me and with me since 2006 in management of multiple companies. He has been Vice President and Director of Admissions for Rockville Medical & Disc Center, LLC, as well as my former business partner in Maryland Laser Weight Loss, LLC and Steve Wander Consulting. Over the years Mike has been collaborating with numerous medical doctors, chiropractors, therapists, personal trainers and other specialists in the field of healthcare all over the country, which makes him an expert in the field. He also assisted me in research, clinical studies and customizing treatment plans to help our patients achieve optimum health without the use of drugs or surgery. Mike’s knowledge, experience and extensive training along with his personality make him a true asset to any organization.

Irena Radzykewycz

Mike provided me with fantastic advice as I was starting in a new line of work. His suggestion really helped me out.

Erik Pyykonen

Mike Turajczyk has a great understanding of marketing, I highly recommend working with Polish Your Business LLC

Jessie Newburn

I've worked with Polish Your Business on a joint project with a shared client, each contributing our expertise to the client's practices, systems and marketing. Mike (of Polish Your Business) has a practicality and sensibility about him that's refreshing, and he never loses sight of ROI and business objectives, all while managing to be a pretty interesting and pleasant person to work with.

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