Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

We provide business networkingmarketing strategy, and business development consulting for people, companies, and organizations who improve lives. Instead of just telling you what to do, we write easy to use marketing strategy and business plans and provide practical solutions to fix your problems. We also support your team with effective project management tools to make sure that things that are planned actually get DONE.

People, companies, and organizations who improve lives do not have to be our client to join our network and exchange referrals. 

Business networking and business development consulting are complemented with a wide spectrum services including video marketing and social media content development. We also facilitate connections with business investors and prepare companies for investor presentations.

Our “small changes BIG impact” approach allows you to save time and money on hiring, training, and supervising additional staff, and speeds up your progress and your results.

Click HERE for the list of services and contact us to find out more.

1 MONTH FREE* – who can qualify?

In order to be considered as our client, each company must improve the lives of their clients and provide five star experience.

The 1 MONTH FREE* is a special offer business owners who are qualified and ready to hire our team. We are willing to absorb the cost of delivering services for one full month in order to gain a new client relationship.

*This limited time offer is available to well established businesses (typically above $1 million per year gross revenue) with stable cash flow, who sign the contract for one of our packages on our first meeting. Our contracts are month to month and with no long term commitment. Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. Contact us to see if you qualify.


If you don’t qualify for the full month at no charge, we can offer you a FREE CONSULTATION and in some cases a FREE INTRO PACKAGE, which typically includes the following:

  • standard marketing audit
  • marketing strategy consultation
  • SEO audit of your website, if requested
  • demonstration of selected solutions and results
  • business consulting session (up to 30 min)
  • marketing strategy recommendations

We believe the world needs more people who care, and this is a way we can demonstrate that we mean what we say.

What’s the time commitment in the contract?

Why our  clients continue to work with us? We believe that it’s not the contract, but the value we provide. That’s why all our agreements are on a month to month basis (no long term contracts).


Project management approach (short term):

We can plan on implementing specific projects for you and set up systems for your staff to take over.

*This solution is perfect for well established businesses with multiple full time marketing staff.


Service management approach (long term):

We can plan on implementing specific projects for you and set up systems for us to implement and manage.

*This solution is perfect for businesses who want to reduce cost by having us manage specific services instead of hiring and training full time staff to manage them.


How big is your team?

Our team currently has over 20 people available to work on our campaigns.

We pride ourselves in providing much more in value than what we charge.

That is possible because we hire our trusted experts as independent contractors, which significantly reduces our overhead.

*Most companies transfer the cost of additional overhead to their clients. We believe it’s better to reduce our overhead, and charge you less.


How much do you charge?

Our initial consultation is FREE and based on our qualifying process we will determine if we can extend to you one of our promotional offers. The current offer for qualified clients is 1 MONTH FREE*. 

We encourage you to schedule a consultation first and let us customize services portfolio to meet your needs and your budget. 

All packages provide long lasting results, no matter if we work on a “per project” basis or if we do “service management” for you. We will accept you as our client only if we are confident we can provide much more value than what we charge.

*Most of our clients come from referrals and that’s because every client knows that their satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do.

What is Polish Your Life?

Polish Your Life is a Mastermind Group created for TOP DOCTORS & helpful individuals who collaborate to improve more lives.

If you are a physician and/or a business owner and provide services to improve people’s lives, we can promote you at no charge.

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