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Many people are in business to improve lives. Some of them need support. We help them INNOVATE & grow on-line.



1. Business Model Innovation

Manage your risks and turn some of them into opportunities, especially now because of COVID-19. Innovate your business and grow on-line. Think about the long-term impact of the decisions you make and invest in process improvement. Small changes can have a BIG impact.

2. Video Marketing & Social Media

Your Social Media Videos are more important now than ever before. We make it easy because we can produce and publish them for you. We have affordable plans with in person and remote video recording. Show the value you provide and make VIDEOS part of your business development strategy.

3. Branding Strategy

Combine BRANDING with business development. A good branding strategy & organic SEO can make your marketing work for you as an investment instead of being a cost. Clarify your message, improve your image on Social Media & Google and invite people to do business with you.

We can help you innovate & grow on-line

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Who is Polish Your Business?

Who is Polish Mike?



Testimonial from Dr. Marc Mizzer

AWESOME! This guy is a Marketing Master! He helped me with a small business start-up last year. We went from zero customers to over 500 in a few short months.


Marketing Consulting by Mike Turajczyk

Testimonial from Sullivan Phillips

Polish your business has been amazing! Mike has done an amazing job with helping with marketing during this crazy times. He provided a COVID19 business support video, helped create new content and strategies to adjust my business. The best thing about this company is you ALWAYS get more than what you’ve asked for, truly grateful for his help navigating my business.


Testimonial from Robinson Rowe, Esq.

Mike is the only business consultant we have worked with on a long term basis. We feel very lucky to have met a person who is caring and excited about advising our office in all aspects of growth and quality of customer service. His input, evaluations, and presence on our team has been absolutely invaluable.

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Sullivan Phillips

Todd Johnsonbaugh, D.C.

Nicole Juntz, D.C.

Marc Mizzer, D.C.

Kan S. Lee, Ph.D

Miguel Mendes, C.P.T.

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Marketing Consultant or a Business Consultant?


Before you hire marketing people, it may be best for you to hire a business strategy consulting agency, who will write strategic plans and execute on them to save you time and money on business development and on marketing.

How does it work?

An experienced strategic partner (the one who actually cares) will take care of both marketing improvements and overall business development, but not all business owners are aware of the value and comfort they can have when working with such companies. Many business owners underestimate the value of a strategy and pay a very high price for not having one or having one that hasn't been updated to the new market trends... They typically hire marketing companies who work independently and are not being managed and supervised properly. Strategic partners can evaluate, hire, and supervise marketing companies for you and make sure that they all work in sync with your company's mission, vision, and goals.

Small strategic changes can have a BIG impact.

There is a difference between companies who just focus on marketing, and a strategic partner who will make sure that your marketing agencies are working in alignment with your business plan. If you don't have a business plan or have one that doesn't serve you as a useful business development tool, strategic partners can also help you write a business plan that will be easy to use and will serve as a "GPS" for all your marketing, sales, staff training and other business development services.

There are many companies out there who seem to be the right fit and business owners get confused which one to choose. How do you know for sure which one is good? You don't. You need to trust somebody who will become your strategic partner and see how they do. We suggest you trust companies who don't ask you to sign up for long term contracts, but instead, offer value at a reasonable price and allow you to control how long you will work with them. A company that is confident in the value they deliver should be comfortable in a situation where not the long term contract is a magnet keeping you together, but the value they provide. 

We suggest you hire strategic partners who truly care about you and your clients. 


Do you have a written marketing strategy in your business plan? 


We write easy to use strategic plans, team up with and supervise marketing companies for you, and offer comprehensive business development service to increase your revenue and protect your time.   




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